We noticed there wasn't a lot of moving companies in the area. We seen a lot of people stress and struggle when its time to move. Seeing elderly people not being able to transition between homes because of the shortage of moving companies. We decided to put a stop to that and we created C&B Moving Company, LLC. Since the birth of our business we have moved over thousands of people to their desired destination.

Contact us at C&B Moving Company, LLC, and we will work out on an affordable price customized exactly to your needs. We take the stress away from the moving process by offering you a full-service solution for when you are moving.

We allow you to relax, take in the
moving experience and enjoy your new home as soon as you arrive. Whether you need to clean your existing house or are looking for a company to pack all your belongings a few days before you move, our experts can be on hand with whatever your needs are.

We move you right

Why Choose C&B Moving


We go the extra mile

At C&B Moving Company, LLC, it is our company philosophy to always make sure we go the extra mile for our customers because we understand the value of repeat and referred business.


Total transparency

We believe in total transparency from the moment you contact us until your move is finished and unpacked.


Honest and forthright

We are honest and forthright about not only our rates and prices, but also about what to expect from C&B and what not to expect.


We stand behind our work

In an industry that has developed a reputation as a haven for unscrupulous business practices, we stand behind our work from start to finish as the absolute best in the industry.

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